Digital Services

Lets talk about the digital space and your business

It’s time to prioritise digital marketing. Your online presence is likely to be the first touchpoint customers have with your business. It’s the place where impressions and decisions are made – and if not done right, it could be your last chance to communicate with them.

But, establishing an online presence is not as easy as creating various social media accounts. Your brand needs a voice – and the person speaking on behalf of the brand needs to know how to engage the audience, what makes them tick, and what type of information they are looking for.

The world of digital marketing is also time-consuming and continuously evolving. Once you think you’ve brought your knowledge up to date, there’s a new app, new lingo, new features and functions, new algorithms to try and appease.

We’re the experts who will find the right audiences, the correct times and the proper channels to deliver the most significant impact for your business. We can act as additional support to your in-house marketing team, or you can fully outsource your digital marketing to us – it’s up to you.

Here are the services we offer in the digital marketing space:

Social Media

  • Stategic plans
  • Content planning
  • Set-up and implmenetation
  • Ongoing management and response

Email and SMS

  • Build email marketing templates
  • Content and copywriting
  • Testing and scheduling
  • Evaluation and reporting

Ad Campaigns

  • Audience profiles and targetting
  • Par Per Click (PPC) campaigns
  • Web and social media campaigns
  • Google Adwords


  • Existing website audits
  • New website creation
  • Domain and email set-up
  • Website copy